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Muhammad Talha

  • Greetings! I am Muhammad Talha (Chauhdri), a passionate web developer born on the 4th of July. Having completed my graduation in 2019, I embarked on a journey into the world of web and mobile app development. In 2022, I founded MyAbabeel , and today, I proudly serve as its active CEO.
  • Over the years, my expertise has spanned a diverse range of projects, from business websites to captivating landing pages and robust e-commerce platforms. My proficiency extends to crafting business apps with comprehensive admin controls and integrated emailing functionalities.
  • As a professional, my primary commitment is to deliver unparalleled experiences to my clients. I prioritize understanding their digital needs, ensuring satisfaction by offering a complimentary 1-week service. This not only underscores my dedication to their success but also provides them with the assurance they deserve.
  • I'm not stopping here. I want MyAbabeel to do even more cool stuff in the future. I believe that doing the best job is the best way to show people what we're all about.


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