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StandardDesignCodeOn-Page SEO
Email SupportYesYesYes
Whatsapp SupportYesYesYes
Price (USD)$ 14.99/Hr $ 14.99/Hr $ 14.99/Hr
imp list item iconBug fixing, modifications, APIs integration, extra revisions, on-page SEO...
Free HoursUp to 8 Up to 15Up to 25
Validity1 month1 month1 month
Email SupportYesYesYes
Whatsapp SupportYesYesYes
Response1-2 Days1-2 Days1-2 Days
Email NotificationsYesYesYes
Price (USD)$ 99.99 $ 179.99 $ 299.99
imp list item iconBug fixing, modifications, APIs integration, extra revisions, on-page SEO...Subscribe


50% OFFEcommerceEssentialStandardProfessional
Home PageYesYesYes
Product PageYesYesYes
Cart ManagementYesYesYes
Cash On Delivery FormBasicEnhancedCustom
New Orders NotificationVia Email onlyVia Email and DashboardVia Email and Dashboard
Mobile ResponsivenessBasicPrecisePrecise
Custom Color and LogoOptionalOptionalOptional
On-Page SEOYesYesYes
Hosting And DeploymentYesYesYes
Products UploadUp to 25UnlimitedUnlimited
CategoriesUp to 10Up to 25Up to 50
Social Media IntegrationShare buttonShare and FB page Like ButtonShare and FB page Like Button
Website Analytics (Visits/Regions)YesYesYes
Schema Markup1Up to 3 + No of ProductsUp to 5 + No of Products
Live ChatYesYesYes
Admin DashboardNoBasicEnhanced
Invoice RecordNoYesYes
About and Privacy PageNoYesYes
New Products UploadNoVia DashboardVia Dashboard
Online Payment IntegrationNoNoYes
Google MapNoNoBusiness Location Navigation (optional)
Price (USD)$ 399.98$ 799.98$ 999.98
imp list item iconYou can always customize, using monthly services and source code are not includedBuy Now
Landing PageEssentialStandardProfessional
Build HoursUp to 16 Up to 24Up to 38
SectionsUp to 5Up to 7Up to 10
Mobile ResponsiveBasicPrecisePrecise
Schema Markup1Up to 3Up to 5
On-Page SEOBasicEnhancedPrecise
Google AnalyticsYesYesYes
Chat BotYesYesYes
Images OptimizationYesYesYes
Custom ThemeNoYesYes
Subscriber FormNoYesYes
Contact FormNoBasicCustom
Social Media IntegrationNoBasicCustom
APIs IntegrationNoUp to 3Up to 7
Custom APIsNoUp to 3Up to 5
Price (USD)$ 79.9 $ 149.9 $ 249.9
imp list item iconYou can always customize, using monthly servicesBuy Now
project iconCustom Project